The first live report of the Grace Mission Fund, Inc. (GMF) and the ministry of Grace Baptist Church in Haiti took place at First Presbyterian Church in Beaver, PA, on Friday evening, October 12th.

Rob Martsolf, President of the GMF Inc. Board set the stage with a brief presentation of the 42 year history of the Grace Baptist Church in Haiti, followed by an accounting of the formation of Grace Mission Fund, Inc. Amy Schmersal, Secretary of the Board and leader of the medical ministry teams to Haiti, then reported on the work of the recent mobile medical clinics to Palmiste a Vin and a nearby location in June 2018.

Pastor Beril Pierre Louis, National Director of Grace Baptist Church in Haiti, gave a comprehensive report on the current status of the ministry of Grace Baptist Church. He also presented a list of priority projects we are hoping to accomplish over the next 10 years.

They include: 
1. Purchase of a house next to the flagship church in Carrefour to accommodate their growing congregation and ministry, 
2. Construction of a church building for the congregation at Riviere Froide, 
3. Completing the purchase of property for the church at Ganthier, 
4. Completion of security wall at the church of Bon Repos, 
5, Purchase/donation of 2 motorcycles for pastors on island of La Gonave. 
6. The most ambitious, is improvement of the facilities at Williamson for the development of a Leadership Conference Center at that site.

Please note that all of these projects have been partially funded by the local Haitian congregations of Grace Baptist Church in Haiti. The hope is that US supporters will offer up much prayer and financial support toward these projects.

Prayer is also coveted for the new pastor at the Bon Repos church, Pastor Dominique Louissaint; for the ministry of the schools; for financial support of the Bertin Medical Clinic and the community health; and food programs, scholarships for students of the Grace Bible Institute, and many needs of the Grace Missionary House.

If you have questions or are interested in a particular project, please message us directly through this FB page. To make a financial contribution, simple click the "Donate" button on this page. It will take you directly to our website's secure donation page.

Grace Mission Fund is a 501(c)3 charitable US organization and is registered as a charitable organization in the Commonwealth of PA.