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Grace Mission Fund was established in July of 2018 to support the ministry of Grace Baptist Church in Haiti
(GBCH). The GBCH is governed by an eight-member Haitian Board of Directors with Pastor Beril serving as
the National Director. Their ministry includes 27 churches, 12 schools, a Bible institute, a nutrition program,
and a health care clinic. GBCH also owns and manages the Grace Missionary Home guest house and conference
center. All aspects of the ministry are supported in part by funds from the United States and by short term
mission teams in cooperation with their Haitian partners.

Our Board receives regular information from the field. Occasionally, this includes requests for financial
support for different projects. One such project is the completion of a security wall for the Bon Repos church,
which we have decided to take on as a special fund-raising appeal. We are writing to request that you consider
contributing to this special offering.

In August of 2011, GBCH planted a church across the street from the guest house which is located in Bon
Repos – several miles northwest of the Port Au Prince airport. After meeting for three years in a parishioner’s
living room, the fledgling congregation, with some help from American supporters, was able to construct a
small church building and begin construction of a security wall around the property. Due to lack of funding,
however, the security wall has yet to be completed.

In Haiti, walls are an essential component for securing property. Because of the incomplete wall, over the past
six months, the Bon Repos congregation has suffered the theft of their power and sound systems including four
DC batteries, a solar panel, an inverter, an amplifier, four microphones, and a keyboard.
We, the Board of Grace Mission Fund on behalf of the Board of Grace Baptist Church In Haiti, would like to
encourage you to pray for the church at Bon Repos. The congregation of about 50 adult worshipers is led by
Pastor Dominique Louissaint, a graduate of the Grace Bible Institute. The church meets on Sunday mornings
and evenings for worship. They meet for prayer on Wednesday evenings and Bible study on Thursday evenings.
The youth group meets on Sunday evenings and the children’s club on Saturday evenings.

We’d also like to ask you to consider contributing to the Bon Repos Church Project to finish the security wall
and replace their stolen property. The cost of this project is $5000. You can help by visiting Gracemissionfund.org/bonrepos and making a donation today!

Donate to Bon Repos!

Grace Mission Fund is a 501(c)3 charitable US organization and is registered as a charitable organization in the Commonwealth of PA.